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Calm. Cool. Collected. You have a workout routine in place, always look put together. You're a fantastic friend and your family is picture-perfect. This isn't you? It should be. Let us help you get back to the rockstar you are...


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How we can help you

Here are a few ways we can maximize your efficiency with a personal assistant

Call us at 813.641.4450

  • Mobile Notary

    We are certified notary signing agents. We service Hillsborough County and are experienced wedding officiants.

  • Personal Assistance

    From errands to specialized groceries, appointment scheduling to travel plans, we can make your life easier.

  • Divorce/Break Up Assistance

    This is an overwhelming time. We can help with moving arrangements, correspondence liaison between the couple and personal household assistance.

  • Pet Assistance

    Your pet is a part of your family. We get it. We'll assist with vet appointments or transportation to doggie daycare. Let us help.

  • Senior Assistance

    We provide an extra safety net for families and seniors who live in separate parts of the country. We are a reliable communication link to help you feel more at ease while you're apart.

Your Assistant

Residents of South Tampa, we have over 25 years of hotel concierge, logistics and corporate world experience. We've worked in a variety of key positions throughout the years and have always landed on something that involves details, organization, scheduling and customer care.


Kim Carlisi


Our team is discreet, trustworthy, and dependable. We're here to give you that 25th hour in the day and that 8th day in the week.

  • « I have a herniated disk in my back which makes it difficult to stand for even short periods of time. Kim does a beautiful job handling my shopping and I've used her services for over a year. She is trustworthy and I highly recommend her.»

    Gene K. Securities Consultant

  • « I utilized Kim for documentation organization and shipping needs for my business. She is professional and great to work with! »

    David H. Stylist

  • « As a single working mom, Kim has been a lifesaver with taking care of car repairs, shopping for hard to find items and organizing a home move. She's quick, easy to work with and always goes the extra mile! »

    Stephanie P. Pharmacy Tech

  • « I travel frequently and Kim keeps track of my receipts and does my expense reports. All I do is hand her a list of items needed and she quickly takes care of everything on it, with discretion and ease. It's great having my own personal assistant! »

    Kevin P. Sr Business Solutions Consultant

Pricing & Packages

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per hour
  • a la carte, no minimum



per month
  • 4 Hours of our services



per month
  • 20 Hours of our services

*Fees do not include cost of merchandise.

*Fee is charged in 15-minute increments after first hour of services

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The U.S. ranks 28th among advanced nations in the category of "work/life balance", ninth from the bottom, according to the OECD Better Life Index. (2013)

We can take those time consuming tasks off your to do list, manage your chores more efficiently, and help give you piece of mind and a better quality of life.

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